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Questions for People that have gotten into UAlberta

A photo of allentsai allentsai
Has anyone gotten accepted yet?

I got this under my 4th choice

" Early Admission
Admission Decision:
Congratulations! We are pleased to offer you Early Admission to this program. To receive final admission you must submit all outstanding items where specified and meet all conditions as stated in your Early Admission offer.

I can't find my Early Admission offer though, will they be sending it in the mail or something? I haven't sent in my official transcript.

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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I'm pretty sure I'm the only active person on this forum who's gotten accepted.
First off, congratulations!
U of A was my first choice and I definitely didn't expect an acceptance so early (I got mine in November), so I nearly screamed when I saw it.
They should be sending you a hard copy via snail mail.. it should be on it's way.
I received a letter from them about 2 weeks after they updated it on Bear Tracks.
What program did you get accepted into?
I'm guessing Science.. I remember I talked about this with you on another thread.
Maybe I'll see you around campus next year!
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A photo of allentsai allentsai

I actually applied for BA Arts and Design, I only have 1 science 12 haha.

My other choice was BFA Arts and Design, and apparently you need a portfolio for that? I dont have a portfolio nor do I plan on making one (i've done nothing worthy of noting LOL) Would you happen to know if I would need a portfolio for B. Arts, but going into Arts and Design as a major?

Ya, maybe! Alberta's my choice behind McGill, UT and UBC. I really want to get into McGill though haha

What did it say for you that you have to maintain as an average to still have the offer valid?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Pretty sure you don't need one for BA.. 'cause BA ranges from programs like.. Psychology, Sociology, all the way to what you applied for.. can't really make a portfolio from that,
whereas BFA is like acting, dancing, music..

U of A is my first choice, but UBC is my parents' first choice.. so typical asian.. -.-
So if I don't make it into UBC, U of A is where it's atttt. :)
Or maybe U of T.. but it's so far from home.

I think when I was offered early admission, I had to have a 90% average, which I was well over.. but now I only need to maintain a 75% - 80%, which will be a breeezeee :)
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A photo of allentsai allentsai
Ahh awesome. I sent them an email just incase anyways.

My parents want me to stay in BC as well, but I'd much rather go to an eastern school (really just to get away from home for a bit, don't want to be babied for my entire life lmao)

Well over 90%? Wow.. I'm trying to hit the 90s or even just 89 for McGill. I'm sitting at an 87 right now )=
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Yeah for sure clarify with them. :)

Yeah my parents don't trust me on my own, but like you said.. I just wanna get away and start all over again, know no one and nothingg.. start from baby steps.

Well, when I applied I had well over 90..
95 in eng 12
89 in bio 12..
98 in com civ 12.. dont think they took that mark.. but just eng and bio alrdy gave me an average over 90.. and they only need a min. of 2 marks for early admission. :)
i'm sitting at around 91-92% right now, but that's just my top 4 courses..
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A photo of allentsai allentsai
Ahh thats very solid..

Hows comp civ? I might take it online on VLN just for McGill.. I think they're the only school that allows you to use it to go towards your average..
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
VLN eh, I used to go to JO.
but that 2 years ago, before I moved to Richmond, haha.

Well, in class, was SUPER easy..
All we did was watch videos, read articles, answer questions on articles, write essays and compositions, as well as 2 major projects.
Most of it is a thorough review of what you would have learnt in Socials 8/9.. ancient Egypt, Greece, China..

I know VLN makes things a lotttt harder than necessary, really.
I took a VLN course once and that was in grade 9.. but even then it was hard.
I've heard about some of the courses they offer at VLN and the reviews aren't pretty, poor students are so overworked!
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A photo of allentsai allentsai
LOL to be honest, I'm pretty scared of going to JO just to write my midterm/finals...

Yeah, I just signed up for Comp Civ on VLN, the orientation itself is pretty intimidating..

"Throughout time different civilizations have interacted and spread their distinct cultural ideas amongst themselves. Today is no different. In the space provided below, describe how attributes of foreign cultures present themselves within our Canadian culture. Also, make note of any influences past civilizations have had on our present civilization in Canada."

What am I supposed to write about that without knowing anything! I can think of maybe the French in Quebec? Dunno anything else, ideas?

Sigh.. have to do 4 vln courses meaning 4 extra midterms and finals I have to worry about.. FML.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
No one carries guns and there are no gangs, not during school times anyways.
Bet you're from the west side, you west side kids and your prejudice! Haha.
You never come in contact with JO kids anyways if you know your way around the building and know which entrance to go into. ;)
Go from the entrance beside the preschool and you'll have no problem.

Holy crap, that does look intimidating, LOL. Yeah, I'd write about Quebec today.. Maybe add in a little something about the different cultures (Asian, European, etc) we have in Canada that makes us so multicultural.

Wowwww, you are insanee! You should have taken online courses through correspondence schools that are MUCH easier than VLN....
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A photo of allentsai allentsai
Lol sigh.. Probably gonna try and drag a friend or two along with me to write the tests LOL.
Yeah i'm from the west side, so much more safer.. Except maybe for Hamber and Churchill.. Those places seem pretty sketchy.

Online courses through correspondence schools? Whats that? Do you have any links lol... Not too late for me to drop the course, still in orientation. Is it too late to sign up for correspondence?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Wowwwww, LOLLL..
if I, a girl, feel safe travelling to JO on my own, you will be fineee!
So I was right. :D
Let me guess which school.. obvs not churchill and hamber, which are both safe, been to both for Track..
Kits? PG? Magee? PW? UHill? LOL pretty much named them all.

I mean through other online schools.. I'm not sure which ones also offer comp civ..
Let me do a quickkk search for u :)
I'm doing a course through BC Online right now, and they offer comp civ for sure..
but it is a Christian based online school, so it would be taught from a Christian perspective.. BC Online
Here's one.. Surrey Connect

Can't think of anymore off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure one of those two would be easier than VLN.
I know BC Online, you don't have to go in to write any tests.. it's all done at home.
I think for Surrey Connect, you do, at least for Math.. but the workload is prob less than VLN.
VLN is crazyyy.
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A photo of allentsai allentsai

Can't release what school I go to, next thing you know I'll get some J.O. kids on me LOL.. just kidding.. :P You could probably find out if you tried looking around though O_o.

What course are you taking online? Do you have to write the midterm and such for BC Online before submitting to universities?

VLN is like the only program that my counsellor suggests for online stuff.. Didn't know about these other programs until you told me lol.. I know about K.O.O.L. as well.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
I'm taking Math 12.. well.. re-taking it.. first time around was BADDD -.-
Nope, I have no midterm.. only a final exam and a few tests.
But I can't use my BCOnline mark for self reporting.. I have to use my in-class mark from last year, and wait till May when BCOnline submits my mark to the ministry.. so I won't be hearing from UBC until May-ish probably. :S Last minute ><

Yeah VLN is probably the most recognized, I didn't know about Surrey Connect or BCOnline until my friends told me too, VLN is prob the least sketchy one LOL.
Think I've heard of KOOL.. Kamloops? Never looked into their courses though.
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A photo of allentsai allentsai
Oh wow don't need midterm? That seems easier than vln already LOL. Can I self report VLN marks or do I have to wait until May as well. Isn't your first choice U of A anyways haha.
Yep it's kamloops. I just decided to do VLN for some crazy reason.
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Nopeeee.. no mid-term.. just a final exam.
Yeah you can self-report your VLN mark, I think. Since it's not a repeated course. Not too sure, ask your counsellor, that's what I did.
Yeah U of A is MY first choice, UBC is my PARENTS' first choice.. and clearly, they are the ones paying for my education, so I really have no say -.-

LOLLLL crazy child.
All I can say is good luck.. VLN was like HELL.
I took planning over the summer in grade 9 and finished everything before the course even started so I wouldn't have to worry about it.. so friggin hard.
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