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quick question for university osap

A photo of jack3d jack3d
lets say i need to pay $1000 by sept1 the deadline, but i get my osap 1 day later like sept 2 for example and i get $3000 for first term. do i still need to pay for 1 grand on sept1st from my own pocket or do i just wait for osap?
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A photo of inthemaking inthemaking
Yes, otherwise you will probably be charged interest. Is there no "pay with OSAP" option? It should subtract the amount you're supposed to receive from OSAP from your student account and you would have to only pay the remaining amount out of pocket (in your case it would be -$2000 so you would get a $2000 cheque from OSAP).
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A photo of jack3d jack3d
ok so real deal is i need to pay apprx 6 grand on aug 25, but osap is giving me 8 grand for 1st half of the term so i dont need to pay at all today? but then i hear i need to fill out some form for osap o sept 1 or the 6th to confirm i am enrolled
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