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A photo of lmao lmao
Alright, so before applying to AFM I didn't know you had to pay an extra 75 to just write the AFMAA so I'm thinking of changing my program choice.

If I switch Waterloo on OUAC, to like UTSC BBA or Rotman would they still accept my application? Or is it too late?
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A photo of saber33 saber33
You have to pay an additional fee to apply to Rotman.
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A photo of Doop Doop
You can change anytime on the OUAC, however you want to check the individual websites as well to see when the application deadlines are. OUAC simply forwards your application, if the school applications have already closed, then the OUAC cannot do anything.

If you manage to change it, you MIGHT not get acceptance at the March bracket, but you still have a chance of acceptance at the April/May bracket. However, this is only a guess.

And as another user stated, Rotman's has a $30 (Or was it $35?) fee for a supplementary application.
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A photo of iliketurtles iliketurtles
I don't think $75 should be that big of a factor in deciding which school you wanna go to for 4 years LOL but if you actually had no interest in waterloo whatsoever than I guess it's ok LOL
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A photo of lmao lmao
^ LOL it's just that I don't like AFM enough to the point that I would spend $75 for an exam. It just doesn't feel right, but whatever I guess I'll decide when I call UofT tomorrow and hear what they have to say.
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