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A photo of Numair Numair
Hi I am currently taking a STUPID co op course, but only so I can volunteer at the hospital. However I am getting a bad mark cause I don't do the work (like <60) and the course code is SBI3UC so I was wondering when I apply to university will they look at that? It is a co op course but it is a U course so I am wondering
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
They'll look at your top six. Use the search function.
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A photo of DadeMurphy DadeMurphy
I'd recommend you work a lot harder, because uni is 10x more difficult than high school. It's not just about the marks, the profs can tell by your work ethic as well and WILL mark accordingly, trust me.

That being said, I was considering choosing doctor as a career path, but decided engineering science was more of my thing. Both areas of study still require a tremendous amount of work, however.
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