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"Pending Review" U of T and UTM

A photo of Senator33 Senator33
Hey, I applied to social science for Criminology. So far my average is pretty bad and it is:

70 bio
70 History
82 Advance Functions
85 English
53 Physic
70 Accounting

I have been accepted to Brock psychology so far. Ryerson/ U of T i do not plan on getting in due to my low marks.
I still think i have a chance for UTM, they accept 500 students and they mostly look at the English mark and said mid 70s average.

IT still says "Pending review" and im getting a bit worried... should i call them or wait it out?

If you have been accepted to UTM SS can you please post your average and when you got accepted.

Do i still have a chance since i know some people that have been accepted with 70-74 averages to SS at UTM.
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A photo of mwfm2011 mwfm2011
Got in UTM SS - Economics 2 days ago with a 79 avg.
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A photo of Senator33 Senator33
Are you going to UTM or somewhere else?
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