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Rank the UofT Colleges (Woodsworth, Victoria, Innis, New, University, Trinity, St.Michaels)

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Rank them based on:
1) Scholarships/Bursaries - (Most soft-hearted for financial need)
2) Location to Rotman Commerce.
3) Student Events
4) Residence
5) Food
6) Career Centre
7) Which is best based on your opinion?
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2 replies
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1) I've heard Vic has the most large scholarships. all the colleges have a variety of small awards and bursaries though. you can generally find info on each college's website.
2) closest-farthest: Woodsworth, Innis, Trin, UC, New, Vic, SMC
3) Trin. then the rest. :P
4) depends what you're looking for. do you like pretty old buildings? new shiny ones with air conditioning? traditional with meal plan? suite style and cooking for yourself?
5) Chestnut (not a college but a res where people from all colleges/programs can live). Trin and New are decent. apparently UC food sucks. haven't tried Vic or SMC.
6) the colleges don't have career centres really. the main career centre is in the Koffler Centre at College and St. George, so I guess New and UC are closest to there...
7) Trin trin trin! I'm kinda biased though.
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UofT Trinity is the best! You should definitely come here!
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