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A photo of KingJW KingJW
- Junior Accountant for my church.
Detail: I'm supervised by 2 senior treasurers and we basically manage church funds. I'll BS this one because it's a smaller church, but I'll make it sound sweet.
- Gr.9 Basketball Team
- Peer Leader at school
-50-60 hours: Breakfast club, Cafeteria Help.
- Co-founder of Non-Profit Organization.
Detail: A group (4) of us decided we wanted to start a sports organization, to build revenue for our church's youth group and I decided to volunteer myself to become a Treasurer.. however this year was our second year and we decided to run as an unincorporated non - profit, and this march will be our 3rd year, and we applied to CRA to become incorporated and hopefully before end of this year we will be one. I worked as coach for basketball camp, and did numerous leadership roles as a SHORT speaker, very short. Again I'll try to spice it up because it was about 30-40 kids, so not that big.

How are they? 1-10 and would universities think these are good?
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A photo of g93 g93
They're fine. I wouldn't say they are exceptionally strong, but they seem to be good. No one here is an admissions officer, so we can't give you a proper answer. Admissions are subjective as well, so that makes it even harder. It will come down to how well you sell yourself on your applications, and how the admissions team judges you. You definitely have some ECs to work with when writing applications, but I'm also quite confident in saying that you're definitely not a 10 (no offense).
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A photo of TheConsultant TheConsultant
i would give it a 6-7. Its not the most diverse portfolio of EC's and some of them just sound "meh" no one really cares about 9th grade basketball, cafeteria help is debatable.

HOWEVER, let me say this, its not the volume OR THE TITLE that matters, its what you did and the results you achieved. Let me put it to you this way, your uni app should be like a resume, you dont put down past jobs with out showing how you achieved valuable results. To me Co-Founder of a Not for profit means next to NOTHING. Anyone can do it and i honestly don't care but if you tell me that as co-founder you were able to raise $10k for charity by leading a group of individuals then ill say "hey maybe this kids got something to him". This goes the same for stupid positions like Class President. In reality everyone in the world thinks of it as a popularity contest. Being president doesn't mean anything ( look at Bush, the guy sucked, telling me that you exploited the position to make serious change and make a positive impact is what really matter. And to do that you need to write a good essay about it. People think listing their EC's lets us know if you have a shot. Let me tell you that it doesnt tell you a thing because its the way you sell the EC's that really matters.

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A photo of Super Super
You didn't specifically mention the duration which you participated in those EC's. Uni's are looking for dedication. I believe they value different EC's equally, depending on your role, what you've done and how well you write your essays about them.
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