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RBC Undergraduate Scholarship Unfair

A photo of cynthiaabraham cynthiaabraham
Why is the RBC Undergraduate Scholarship not for students who have parents that are employees at RBC? I think its unfair that they claim to support the work their employees do when they're only offering the children of RBC employees $1000 compared to the $10000 for a regular undergraduate student. What do you think?
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Hi Cynthia, my name's Cynthia. :)

You're right, in a way.
At the same time, students with parent(s) who work at RBC are probably better off than a lot of the students who are applying with parents who barely make enough to be able to send their kids off to university/college.
I'm not speaking for EVERYONE out there. I'm sure there are other well-off students applying for that scholarship even though their parents incomes are 45k+ every year.
I'm just speaking from my own point of view and my own experience, I guess.
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A photo of CanadaBoy CanadaBoy
Become a shareholder and vote to change it. Take your business/your parents' professional services elsewhere. Personally, I think this is a better business decision for them because there are many, many, applicants that will open an account with them even though 99% of them will not get a penny. Guess what? These applicants are likely to stay with RBC their whole life, specially if they use it through University (where many are just getting their first sense of financial freedom).

It's not fair, it's just business.
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A photo of North North
Most contests have regulations that don't let employees or employee's families win.

It's the way it is. Otherwise, if an employee or relative won people can accuse them of being biased etc.

Not necessarily fair but it's the way many contests are.
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A photo of mer1616 mer1616
Yes it sucks, but at the same time others believe that if they let employees family apply that it would be unfair. It isn't always unfair, but they just don't want to favour employees children
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A photo of VegaKrazmych VegaKrazmych
Oh no. Everyone can enter. How patently unfair!
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