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Real Co-Op Programs

A photo of ateen ateen
Hi - which mechanical engineering programs have real co-op.
I think only Waterloo and Conestoga have co-op work terms
scheduled in between school terms. Other schools talk about
taking 3rd year off to work for a year. Can someone please
share their knowledge about co-op in engineering. Thanks.
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A photo of Ferinthul Ferinthul
mcmaster, ryerson and waterloo and uoft scarborough offer co-op for engineering programs.
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A photo of n0y0x n0y0x
Waterloo alternates between co-op and school terms every 4 months. By the time you graduate, you'll have gone through 6 co-op terms, with potentially 6 different employers and experiences. This totals for 2 years of experience.
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A photo of ateen ateen
Real co-op. That's what i'm talking about. I only see it at Waterloo and Conestoga.
I want real co-op. I can't stand the idea of 4 years of professors - blah, blah, blah.
I need to see some real world examples, not just theory.
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A photo of ninetyfour ninetyfour
I don't understand what you mean by "real co-op".. McMaster has "real co-op" too, I guess the only difference between Mac and Waterloo is that Mac's co-op for Engineering is optional. Western offers Summer co-op or internship.
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A photo of butakun butakun
I see that you and I aim for the same kind of program, one with co-op in-between study terms. Is that what you mean by saying "real co-op"?

I've found that except the schools you cited, Ottawa, Windsor, McMaster, Concordia in Quebec and Victoria in BC have such programs. Some of these require co-op, while others have another, co-op version program, which has slightly different study term sequence from the non co-op program.

As far as I can remember, in UOIT, Western Ontario and U of T you can do summer co-op as an option. Hope this helps!
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A photo of ktel ktel
University of Alberta also has what you would call "real co-op". You also have 4 month summers every year where you can work
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A photo of kylepohl kylepohl
Mandatory co-op at waterloo is the best you can get. I'm half way through mech eng at waterloo and I landed a sick position with Suncor making $30/hr. Highly recommended.
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A photo of whatthe whatthe
University of Toronto, offers a 12-16 month workterm called PEY, after your second year, you are eligible if you maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher, and they also offer summer 4 month work terms. Unlike waterloo, this doesn't open as much opportunities, forcing you to have 6 workterms. Jesus christ..
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A photo of drexu drexu
If you really want a "real co-op" education, you are better off going to a technical college. Typically, most of their degrees takes 2 years to finish.
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A photo of CeeVeeCee CeeVeeCee
Waterloo offers stream 4 Co-Op (4 months in school,4 months of co-op) for:

•Environmental Engineering
•Geological Engineering
•Mechatronics Engineering
•Systems Design Engineering

Stream 4 is also possible for:

•Chemical Engineering
•Computer Engineering
•Electrical Engineering
•Mechanical Engineering

But with those you don't get to choose, you assigned either stream 4 or stream 8.
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