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Real Trolls... Troll Strippers!

A photo of BillyShears BillyShears
DATE: December 30, 2010.
SETTING: Montreal, Quebec. "Super Sexe", exotic nightclub.

Billy Shears and his company of semi-retired fishermen and mentally challenged ex-Navy Seals are enjoying their respective Natural Light beers and are watching some exotic dancing. A wandering employee of the establishment proceeded to approach Billy Shears and asked him if he wanted a lap dance, to which the elated Billy Shears quickly accepted. On the way upstairs to the private rooms, the following conversation occured:

Stripper: "So how old are you?"
Billy Shears: "25."
Stripper: "Really!?"
Billy Shears: "Yes, I look young for my age because I moisturize."
Stripper: "Oh wow. Do you have a girlfriend?"
Billy Shears: "Yes."
Stripper: "Oh well she doesn't have to know about us. How long have you been together?"
Billy Shears: "We've been together now for forty years."

The stripper gave Billy Shears a dirty look and did not say/ask one thing for the remainder of the time.


Yes, I made a "My Old Dutch" reference with a stripper. It was awesome.

(I'm not making this up either, the conversation ACTUALLY did happen. The only made up part was the fisherman/Navy Seals part.)
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