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Reconsidering career to CA instead... HELP FAST??

A photo of BrunoMars BrunoMars
So I have rethought my goals and instead of going into medicine, and taking the long route, I'm thinking about perhaps going into Business, specifically CA?

I honestly have no idea what to do, where to go, etc...
I would love to go to UofT St.G campus (Assuming that GPA won't matter like it does for med school), based on its prestigious reputation.

My current courses are:
Mathematics - ADV FUNC

Next semester:
Calculas & Vectors

I was originally pursuing a career in medicine, but I want to repath to a CA. What do I do? What courses do I need? How does it work? How many years?

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A photo of maynards maynards
well as Bruno Mars, you are already well off with Grenade and Just The Way You Are.

Enjoy the fortune :cheers:
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
Most business programs require two maths, many require advance functions and calculus so you need those. Best programs for CA are Schulich, Laurier Coop, UTSC Coop Management, Rotman, Waterloo. Ivey and Queens are really good but mostly for Investment banking and Finance. You will need a high 80 average for most of these programs and perform well on your supplementary applications. Schulich, Ivey and Queens require 90+ averages.
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A photo of g93 g93
To complete your CA designation, you will need to complete an undergraduate degree at a program fully accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (ICAO) or at a program offering the [URL=http://www.icao.on.ca/Admissions/QualificationProcess/ScheduleofUniversityCoursesforInstituteCredit/1014page1184.aspx]51 credit hours[/URL] required by the ICAO. You will also need to write three professional examinations. These are the CKE (Core Knowledge Exam), the SOA (School of Accountancy), and the big, 3-day, well-known, UFE (Uniform Evaluation). There is also a work experience requirement. (More information here)

So basically you go complete a business/accounting degree, get a job as an accountant, and then write the exams. Some of these steps can be completed simultaneously, and they are more advanced than this as well.

You're looking at anywhere from 5.5-9 years when everything is all said and done, 5.5-6.5 if things go as planned (not likely).

Top tier programs: Waterloo AFM, Waterloo Math/CA, Waterloo Biotech/CA, Schulich BBA/iBBA, Queen's Commerce (all requiring at least 87+ averages and ECs and sometime extra things)

Almost Top-Tier programs: Laurier BBA (if you can get co-op it's top-tier), Western + Ivey, Brock BAcc, Rotman (I put these here for different reasons, they require anywhere from low 80s to high 80s+)

Mid-Tier Programs: McMaster, UTSC, UTM (requiring low-high 80s)

Lower-tier Programs: Anything else offering the 51 credit hours

Other: Not offering the 51 credit-hours (stay away)

There's a pretty good, brief run-down for you. I would recommend that you do a lot of research and hold off applying until you are more confident in what you want to do. Also I would recommend sticking to full-business programs as they will give you the more options and more time to figure out what exactly you would like to do.
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A photo of ktel ktel
Don't drop the sciences. Since you are obviously unsure of what you want to do, you want to keep your options open. I'm a huge advocate of taking core courses (3 sciences, math, english, etc.) to keep your doors open if you're unsure.
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A photo of BrunoMars BrunoMars
Thanks guys!
There is a 99% chance that I'm sticking to medicine. I just have this dream and forget everything, I'm going to follow it through.

Thanks for your support though!
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