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Recruiting uoft community helpers and volunteers

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This website has been created on Sept 2011.

Service and contents may include the following but not restricted to:

1. Assistance on known school issues, unknown issues will be forwarded to school councilors.(GPA, OSAP, Course Enrollment, etc)
2. Past midterm and final exams(shared by students)
3. Past assignments (shared by students.)
4. Club recruiting, announcements, meeting, discussion, events, etc.
5. House and apartment rentals near all three school campuses.
6. Free to talk, free to play, free to advertise.

Uoftbbs's ultimate goal is to express the true spirit within every uoft student. If you are enjoying your life, or depressed with current events, or hoping to have someone to listen to you, UofTbbs is always there for you. No personal information will be revealed to the public, so no concerns to discuss any of your work, life or school related problems.

We strongly encourage our club leaders to invite your members to join. Reasons as follow:

1. Easy to organize events
2. No need to spam members' emails or phone calls
3. Receive immediate replies.
4. Activity thread will help you to take down every member's contact information, so you only need to print them out and count the names on activity day.
5. All information collected are not to be revealed to the public, only the thread creators can see. Even the moderators can be restricted from reading personal information.
6. Fast to advertise, 24/7 online server. If your member is in other country, and your event starts 1 month later, why not post early and organize everything with minimized advertising fee? In fact, UofTbbs offers it FREE.

All you have to do is to write UOFTBBS.com on your poster or any of your advertisements. Let your members know where to look at. Thats all.

This site is good for students too. In UofT, there are 700+ clubs, why not let all the students get to know them? How popular each club is and how much potential each club may have. Hence, we strongly urge you to tell every friend of yours, this site is completely free and up forever.

Please feel free to drop by, and leave a message as you leave. Thank you very much.

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