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Just wondering if anybody else was refused admission to the University of Toronto today, and what there percentages were. My average was at 83 %, and my ENG4U was a 72. The admission office stated that both percentages were below the required minimum for admittance to U of T. Good luck to anybody that has applied in a similar situation I hope this information helps people as it is a popular topic. I applied as a 105D applicant so, if you are currently a 101 they may consider you differently, don't lose hope.

and.. yeah.
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Note that I applied to the U of T St. George campus
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A photo of Bluesharpies Bluesharpies
That's a shame on your refusal... hope that you got in elsewhere. :x

What program did you apply for, if I may ask?
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Oh dude, sorry. My average is about the same but my English mark is like an 82%. Im also a 101 so hopefully I get in. The website still says that my application is pending.
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I'm sorry to hear that. What program was it that you applied for?
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