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Regarding admission into architecture

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Hello guys,
I am a high school IB student, with predicted grades of 33-34
My HLs are Math, Physics and Visual Arts
I have applied for architecture in U of T, Ryerson, McGill, Waterloo and Carleton. 
What are my chances of getting into these universities?
Please be honest and specific :)
Also, any tips?
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33-4 seem good grades for architecture. 
From what I've seen and researched UoT is based mostly around your One Idea submission and grades, whereas the other universities you mentioned take your grades and score it along their respective portfolio requirements. 

Sadly just having the marks isn't enough to guarantee an acceptance from the other schools. I know for a fact though that UoT's architecture is mostly an art degree instead of an architectural science degree offered by the other schools. 

I guess a tip would be to look at each individual university and research what it is you need for the application as there are lots of little extra things you need to do.

good luck.
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Thank you so much for the answer. 
Also, I have applied for Computer Science in U of T, Alberta, Calgary, Waterloo and SFU. 
As there aren't any additional portfolio requirements for comp science, what do you think are my chances of getting in these universities with 33-34 predicted grades? I know for a fact that Waterloo's AIF form plays a major role in the admission process.

I also submitted my application for comp science just recently. Does this decrease my chance of getting admitted because there are rolling admissions?

Thanks in advance! x
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So before explaining more about chances you should be aware that there are limited acceptances given out by universities. Each university is required to reserve a good portion of their acceptances to applicants coming from the same province the school is in. 
So what this means, in relevant terms, is that while someone from Ontario with a 89% might get into Waterloo for cs, someone from Alberta with a 95% might not. This makes the admission averages rise tremendously. 

Now, moving past that, Waterloo ranks their AIF pretty high but don't beat yourself over it if it isn't strong, the way Waterloo does admissions is through a point base rubric. Basically some points are assigned from grades, some from AIF, and more recently their video interviews. I don't quite remember how much each portion is worth but the AIF balances with the grades. 
Now I know Calgary cs is not as competitive to get into as, say Waterloo. They're both good programs and have their own benefits but just basing it off grades, then Calgary seems to be easier to get into. 
So to answer the question about chances... it all really depends on luck, what type of applicant you are, and the amount of applicants to the program.

Lastly, submitting your application earlier than the given deadline doesn't hinder your chances, the schools wait for their provincial spots to be filled before they contact any out of province/international applicants. If you turned it in after the early application deadline then you could potentially have to wait longer to receive a reply, but it really should not decrease your chances.

A tip again would be to compare average requirements from the universities you mentioned and see for yourself what your chances might be. 

Good luck.
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I also applied to Carleton for architecture. I remember @ their open house, they were saying how the portfolio and your marks were equally weighted 50/50 when taking your application into consideration. Also, just wondering, which stream did you apply to for Carleton? 

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I would say that, except U of T, the other 4 schools look heavily on your portfolio/artworks, if not even heavier than your marks. So if you can maintain your marks, definitely make sure you have a great portfolio.
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