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Rejected from Waterloo Computer Engineering

A photo of khalilch2 khalilch2
I just looked at my application on quest and it says I'm rejected and I really don't understand why.

Comp Sci: 96
English: 83
Chemistry: 81
Physics: 85
Calculus: 87
Adv. Functions: 90
Engineering: 94
Comp. Networking: 91

The top 6 that they look at is 87.0% (calc, physics, chem, english, adv functions, comp sci). I have pretty good ECs and I know my AIF was well written. I just don't understand how I could have gotten denied, I'm above the cut off and I have good ECs... I also go to a technology based highschool. I know people with lower averages that have gotten in before me too. I think I'm going to email admissions or call them or something because I'm pretty upset about this. My second choice beside Waterloo is McMasters.. so McMaster Engineering here I come... :/
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A photo of mechboyy mechboyy
Why is waterloo rejecting people with more than sufficient averages for their engineering programs. This is really ridiculous. Im so sorry for the people that have been rejected :(.

My theory is that since this was the most competitive year in engineering applciations in a while, maybe they have little spots avaiable and so there was more competition? Also, with midterms in, many people's midterms are really inflated and this increases the competition. Also, they over admitted students last year by 300 and so I would assume they are being more careful with who they admit.

Also, what did you rank waterloo, and do you go to a private school?
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A photo of Muirhead11 Muirhead11
yah I was rejected from mechanical with an 86.2 avg, I was surprised that they didnt give me at least an alternate offer to managment engineering seeing how it's only low 80s.

also, my friend got in waterloo Comp Eng as an alternate offer to Sowftware engineering with the same avg as yourself, 87%. He didnt have any ECs other than a part time job either. What makes it weirder is the fact that it is an alternate offer, and you got rejected with the same avg and it was your first choice
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A photo of zaidpass zaidpass
I just got rejected as well...with no alternative offer. I called admissions and they said I didn't meet the requirements. I was like even for an alternative offer she is like yes. I waas like my average is a 92% compared to others who got in with an 84%...she said will you still didn't meet them.

Thank god waterloo isn't my first choice but I'm still so fucking confused...
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A photo of BluePickle2 BluePickle2
woooow Waterloo is crazy competitive this year. Im hearing alot of stories about people with 90's getting rejected. Im guessing that they are relying extra heavily on the AIF to eliminate some applicants. However, for those of you who have not gotten a response yet, dont give up hope :)
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