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Rejection from Waterloo Engineering

A photo of DK18 DK18
Well, Waterloo didn't actually reject me, I didn't even make up for their minimum requirements that they had no choice but to thrash my application.

Can I swear on this forum? I would really love to.

Anyways, I presently am accepted to UofCalgary and UofAlberta, but I have no motives to go to any of those places.

So I'm thinking of upgrading, and re-applying for the winter term (I don't want to be a WHOLE year behind..)

What am I upgrading? English... Because I didn't even get a 70 at midterm, therefore Waterloo has rejected me, and I feel so desolate about it.

I am so stupid. How did I not even make a damn 70?

The thing is, should I really upgrade? I mean, English is mostly common sense, right? You can't really study for English, it's not like there's a guarantee that I'm gonna improve a lot better in English just because I re-take it right?

Math, Caculus, physics, chem, I have confidence in all of those. With just those, I have an average of 90+, just because I can actually study for them.

But, for a person who didn't even get a 70 in English 30-1 on the first try, should he really dream about Waterloo Engineering? This is my biggest question right now..

I know I'm not smart, but I can study my ass off. If it's something that can be studied, I'm sure I can excel in it.

Do you need good English to graduate from Waterloo Engineering?
Do you have to be smart-talented to graduate from Waterloo Engineering?
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For many university courses English is used.

Even a science course might ask you to write papers or things like that, though not necessarily.

At Waterloo you also have to pass the ELPE, English language proficiency test - don't think it's intense though.

The reason they have the English requirement is that they want to make sure you are at a university reading and writing level. There are very few careers where these skills are not necessary.

Definitely re-take the course. Pay attention in class, do your readings. I found that reading more helped me with things like my vocabulary and grammar, depending on what your issues are in the course.
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A photo of Kirenne Kirenne
Definitely upgrade your english and re-apply if Waterloo is where you want to be! I'm not personally in Engineering, but I know a few people in it, and they always get amazing co-op jobs. Also: Waterloo gives a LOT of funding to Engineering, so there's been new buildings for Engineering being built the last couple years. From what I do know about it, I'd recommend it!

The last post mentioned the ELPE test. It's NOT difficult, and I promise it's nothing to worry about unless (and this is just a maybe) your second language is English. A lot of international students attend Waterloo, and this is probably one of the reasons for the ELPE. It's just a really easy essay question: as long as you make sense and have valid arguments, they pass you. And even if you don't pass, you can re-take it.
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A photo of North North

@DK18 wrote

So I'm thinking of upgrading, and re-applying for the winter term (I don't want to be a WHOLE year behind..)

You can't enter UW Engineering in the winter or spring terms. http://findoutmore.uwaterloo.ca/admissions/winter.php
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A photo of pandasbox pandasbox
I don't know how the Waterloo admissions people are, but if you can manage to get a final mark of high 70s, definitely talk to them and see if there's anything they can do. I know U of T does that, it doesn't hurt to try.
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