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repeat courses?

A photo of soloaria soloaria
does anybody know how u of t treats repeated courses? i got different answers from many ppl... my school guidance teacher showed me a booklet saying that u of t doesn't even look at repeated courses, however i called their office once and the answer was they do want ALL my marks including the repeated one... i'm applying for actuarial sci. maybe the program does look at repeated courses?

btw i want to repeat calculus cuz i know i could do much better if i tried harder.. (my midterm was 93 and then dropped to 85 ><") i know act. sci. pays more attention on calculus and the program is competitive enough... can i even get in with 85 in cal and 86 in function? what if i got even lower marks after i retook the course?

ppl help me plzzz ><"


maybe i should call u of t again tmrw...
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
it says in the viewbook that if you have the same avg as someone else but u have a repeated course, they have the right to accept the person who only took it once but has the same average..
so they do take it into consideration.
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A photo of Jordan23 Jordan23
Well for Rotman business, they don't even look at repeated courses. Don't know if this is a new policy, but I'm pretty much screwed because I repeated one of my courses (Adv. Functions). However, it isn't a prerequisite, so hopefully I'll have another mark that's higher.
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A photo of jtsai jtsai
@ jordan 23. Hi, what was your average when you got accepted to Management Co-op at UTSC? Also, what were your pre-req marks if you don't mind?

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