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Repeated Courses..

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Hey guys!

I'm planning on applying to a few life science/biomedical science programs at schools such as Western, McMaster and Queen's. I am currently fast tracking by taking advanced function in gr.11. However, I am not getting my desired mark (I'm getting in the 60's) and this was because I did not pass a test and my average was lowered.

If I were to repeat advanced functions in summer school because I did not achieve my desired mark, do you think universities will look down upon this?

If I were to repeat a pre-requisite course would this lower my chances of being accepted? And will I have no chance for early acceptance?

Please share your experiences, I'm really unsure of what I should do. Thanks!
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It all depends on the University. That being said, I know for a fact that Waterloo does do a percentage reduction if you have retaken a course. I've called Western and UofT and they said if it's just one course, it's okay.

To be honest, if you are struggling with Advanced Functions you're going to struggle in Calculus, unless you work really hard.
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