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Repeating grade 12

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I will be attending high school for one more year. I was going to study accounting in university this year until I realized that accounting really was not for me. Instead, I will be applying for mechanical and civil engineering this coming december.

Will universities be looking at my first year grade twelve marks? Will universities take into account my first year grade twelve marks when handing out early acceptances? For example, my first semester consists of;
- challenge & change in society
- advanced functions
- chemistry

Will the universities take my top three courses from last year as well as the three courses I will be taking in semester one?

Thanks for any responses and I hope I did not make this too confusing for you to read :cheese:

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I don't think they look at when you did the course that is required, but just the mark.

I could be wrong though.
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wtf, how did you get into accounting without taking adv functions... let alone calculus
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Are you repeating any previously completed courses? If that is the case (I think it is, considering you wouldn't have been admitted to an accounting program without a credit in Advanced Functions), I believe they look at all the first attempts from last year and then look at the repeats later. Some programs only consider first attempts, but if not, they will usually go with the higher one. Your top six average will consist of whatever are your six highest marks, prerequisites included as a must. So it won't necessarily be 3 from your first semester and 3 from your last year, unless all 3 of those courses in first semester are required.

Edit: For early acceptances, I think they will use your last year's grade 12 marks, since they're available.
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