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Report cards... does UBC only look at this ones?

A photo of lauren4567 lauren4567
Hi there

I was wondering if UBC looks just at the grades that we have submitted (deadline April 30th) and then looks at them again when school is over or if they look at this ones and then other ones BEFORE we finish school??

I applied for science and arts is my second option, I have an 86% with the grades I submitted so I wanted to know if I should just forget about UBC because there's no way of getting in with just an 86% or if I should try really hard and bring my mark up maybe to a 89%? at least... I don't know, I feel my supplemental was strong... so that's why I think I could have a chance...

Thanks in advance!
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
Well I'm not too sure of your question, but

If you don't get accepted at first in April or May from your interim marks, you can always send your marks again by the end of the school year for them to look at. The disadvantage of sending your final marks in is that they have already given out a certain number of acceptances before you, you could only be admitted if there was an extra space (assuming your final marks satisfy the competitive average).
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A photo of mutuba mutuba
Assuming you're a BC student, UBC will only look at your term 2 report card/any previous grade 12 courses you've already finished up until now. They will only look at your final marks again to see that your marks have not dropped below 67%.

To be honest, even with a good supplemental, 86% is really really pushing it for sciences. If possible, you might want to call them and ask to switch Arts as your first choice and try to transfer in second year.
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A photo of lauren4567 lauren4567
Thanks flooks and mutuba!

Yeah I know it's ridiculous, when there are people with 93% entering science. A lot of stuff happened and anyway that's not the point hahah.

So UBC will basically only look at the report cards we just submitted... cool...

For changing my first and second option and all of that should I just call to the undergraduate admissions?

I guess I might as well do that... because for arts they won't count math and my average will go to a 89%... aahhhdgkjgkladsgjlas

thank you thank you thank you~
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A photo of Flooks Flooks
If you really believe you won't get into science, (I think chances are low) then you should call them to see if you can switch
If you believe your supplemental is good enough and you really wanna be in the program, I think with a 89 you have a good chance to get into arts as a second choice, even if you get rejected from science. But I guess your taking a risk if you do so
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A photo of cyynthiia cyynthiia
Like everyone said, they only look at your report card at the end of the year to confirm that you didn't drop below the 67% threshold.
They ALSO look at it in mid-May to confirm that you didn't BS your midterm/term 2 marks on your self reporting.

Like Flooks said, UBC does send out very last minute acceptances in the summer if they find that there are lots of extra spots, I've also heard of this happening. But I don't think this would be a regular occurrence for a school like UBC.
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