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Reputable Universities in Ontario (specializing in the medical field)

A photo of d0nut d0nut
Hey guys, I am entering grade 12 this upcoming September and I don't exactly know which universities to apply to!!
My parents would prefer to have me attend a university close to home (which would be the University of Toronto - Mississauga Campus). However, I have heard about the University of Waterloo, which is a little far away from home, yet offers an optometry program (perfect for me, as I want to become an optometrist). My mom is against me living on residence and far away from home, and so I would really have to consider the pros and cons of attending UWO.

So my questions are:
1. Is UWO worth going to, given my situation? Is it a good school?
2. Are there any other schools around Ontario (or those preferably in the downtown core of Toronto) that are reputable? That specialize in the life sciences?
3. Which school in Ontario (in your opinion) is ideal for the sciences?

THANK YOU :) Any other info would be GREATLY appreciated!
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A photo of heesoup heesoup
Do you mean UW? UWO is Western.
I guess there can be a slight advantage of doing your undergrad at Waterloo if you really want to attend the Optometry school there. Mac isn't bad for life sciences, but U of T, you should try to avoid. Western is not too shabby for the sciences either.
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
MacMaster has the best Health Sciences program in Canada, you need very high grades to get in there. UTM is a part of UofT, but it's not really comparable to the main campus, St.George in downtown. Living in res is the "uni experience", but it's very expensive :(

However, many view education as an investment and you could always take a student loan.
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A photo of ForeverPi ForeverPi
i'm in the same situation as you. I want to go to waterloo for life science before switching into pharmacy. But my parents are against me going to waterloo.

here are my pros and cons of going to waterloo life sciences

- better chance of getting a higher GPA, which in turn gives me a higher chance of being accepted into pharmacy
- (although this doesn't apply to you) it's easier to fulfill all of waterloo's pharmacy program requirements if i did my undergrad at waterloo
- smaller class sizes

- i will be paying ~$6500 more money each year just to live on residence + misc compared to if i go to UTSG
- Waterloo isn't as well known as UofT for its sciences (however, if you're planning to stay in Canada for the rest of your life, then this point doesn't really matter)

and to answer your questions
1. yes if you're planning to go into optometry since i heard that it's REALLY hard to get into. there are only 2 universities in canada that offer optometry (the other being university of montreal).
2. MacMaster is well known for their health science program, but it is difficult to get into. You need +90 average and a well written supp to be considered
3. UTSG for sciences. But in my opinion, you should do your undergrad elsewhere before going to UTSG for grad studies.
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A photo of kjp8908 kjp8908
If you are strictly wanting to enter ' life sciences ' then no life sciences program from any of the 'popular' school such as McMaster, Western, Guelph, Waterloo, U of T, etc. has an edge on other schools.

If you want to enter HEALTH Sciences, well McMasters' is among the most prestigious in Canada.

Now you should understand you have lots of time to decide, as applications don't need to be finalized till January. I also recommend you go to the school you want to learn ,since it's you who's going to be sitting in the class, not your mom.

You say she's against you moving far from home for School, but will she *let* you? If not, well then your choice is obviously U of T Missisauga, which is not a bad school as well
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