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Reputation... Important ou pas?

A photo of bonafide603207 bonafide603207
Sooo, I'm going to Guelph in the fall... Obviously deciding on Guelph, I decided that prestige, international rank didn't matter.

But do you guys care? I feel like some people go to a school for the sole reason that the school has an international rep.

P.S. I'm planning on doing med/ pharmacy/ grad school, where I hear they don't care about what school you did your undergrad at?
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A photo of CatRunner CatRunner
Well, Guelph has one of the best veterinary colleges in the world, so to say it doesn't rank internationally is incorrect. ;)

When it comes to medical school, pharmacy, or graduate schools in Canada, university reputation does not matter (in the U.S. it does however). What matters are your grades/GPA, your reference letters, and your experiences outside of school (research, volunteering, work experience, hobbies, etc.)
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A photo of Cuiter23 Cuiter23
I like your title, thats all im going to say :)
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