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Reputation of University of Ottawa

A photo of Alikat Alikat
Currently, I am looking into attending University of Ottawa for its nursing program, and I recently went on a tour of University of Ottawa, and it seems like an awesome school. However, when I looked in the McLean's Student Rankings, it ranked at or near the bottom of the list for How would you rate your educational experience , If you could start over, would you go to the insitution you are now attending , and I am satisfied with my decision to attend this university . According to all these surveys, students hate Ottawa!

My question for you is, do you know of any reason why students would be saying this? Based on what you know, do you agree with the survey results?

Thank you for your opinion :compress:

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A photo of jellybeanrow jellybeanrow
Hi Alikat! I know this response is pretty late but I figured you still might want some input anyways.
I can't say for sure, having never attended the university myself, but I'm actually from Ottawa, and almost everyone around here either goes to OttawaU or Carleton. About 50% of the graduating class at my school this year went to OttawaU, actually. And so I think that maybe a large part of the "bad reputation" may be from students commuting too and from the school, who maybe wish they had gone somewhere else to get a better "university experience", rather than commuting.
That's not to say that everyone hates it, because they definitely don't, I know many people who loved their time at OttawaU. But I also know many students who would have preferred to go away, and maybe couldn't for financial reasons or whatnot. Anyways, all of this is to say that in my personal opinion (and I can't say for sure because again, I'm not in university yet myself :tongue:) I think that the low student satisfaction probably derives a lot from how many commuters are at the school. I really don't think it's the city myself, because we have all kinds of things that happen here, we're not the "political town" that we have the reputation of being.
Either way, if you've toured the campus and enjoyed it and have a program in mind that you like, then you should definitely consider the school! It's a great university, and Ottawa's pretty nice too :)
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