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Reputation v.s. Program? (Western, U of T Mississauga, York, Brock, Guelph-Humber) MEDIA STUDIES

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Hey guys, I'm a Gr.12 student applying to university, and I a couple of things are very confusing to me about this whole University thing.

Programs I'm applying for

Western- Media Information and Technology
UTM-Communication, Culture & Information Technology - Joint program with Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
Brock-BA Honours Media and Communication Studies
Guelph-Humber- University of Guelph-Humber-Honours Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies AND Diploma in Media Communications with an area of emphasis in Digital Communications, Image Arts, Journalism OR Public Relations
York- Communication Studies (iBa)

1.) How does the reputation of these universities compare to each other and other universities in Ontario, as in, to employers, which universities have the job advantage when applying for a job?

2.) Which of these programs are the best for media studies/communications/information tech?

3.) In the field of media studies/communications/information tech, is it related to advertising, public relations, social convenor, media relations, etc, as those are the jobs I wish to pursue.

4.) I'm an IB Diploma student, but I'm confused of how universities look at my mark. Will they only look at my IB mark (out of 45) as a measure of my academic success, or will they also look at my top 6 marks, including pre-reqs, like a non-IB student? I'm asking because my top 6 marks will average about 85%-90%, but my predicted IB marks are only about 30/45.

Thanks in advance for the replies! Cheers and Happy New Years!
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Ryerson has good media programs with a lot of field experience. Western I've heard is mostly theory and it doesn't sound to me like you're interested in that. University reputation helps in securing your first job but for your area of study practical experience is most important. Guelph Humber is also good.
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