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request for some insight?

A photo of nagareboshi nagareboshi
I'm kind of new here so I don't know how this forum thing works so I'm hoping I'll post this thing in the right place.

So here is my story:

I finished grade 10 this year, going into grade 11 next year. And of course, there was a report card obviously. And my parents have been taking it out on me, BIG TIME. Yes, I do aspire to be a doctor and I am very aware of how much work I need to put in order to achieve it. They're always making me feel like I'll never be good enough, and I never felt that they were proud of me. I have a lot of friends that take honours courses and still manage to get straight A's, I told my parents that striaght A's isn't the point but they disagree obviously. the way they compare me with my friends, it really hurts. It's really disappointing. They also expect me to get a lot of scholarships and stuff. But really, all they do is put me down.

anyway here are my marks:
chem: 83%
english: 83%
math: 91%
french: 89%
sr. concert band: 96%
jazz band: 87%
P.E.: 87%
socials: 89%

How are these marks for grade 10? this isn't too bad I suppose. It's around 88% average and/or 3.5 gpa.. I guess. But I am quite disappointed how my marks turned out, despite my efforts this year. I know I'll work twice as hard next year to bring my marks up. They expect me to go somewhere like UofT or UBC.. Although I'm secretly aiming for McGill because 1) it's in Quebec and I would LOVE to live there. and 2) perhaps I can study music AND sciences/maths. :D But honestly with my marks? I don't think I have a chance even if I did work my best next year.
Also, would it be a good idea to major in music or maths to go into medicine rather than sciences? And how would that work?
I know I still have two more years to decide and think through but it'd make me feel better if I planned things out now.

I guess I just really needed to let this out, and thanks for reading. Sincerely, the confused~
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A photo of ktel ktel
An 88% average could get you into almost any university program...your parents are insane, but probably the typical Asian/Indian parent? It could also get you some OK scholarships, but for really good ones you'll probably want closer to a 95% grade 11 and grade 12 average.

It doesn't matter what you major in to get into med school, as long as you get the required prerequisite courses. So things like chemistry, maybe anatomy (it varies from med school to med school).
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
You have two more years. The marks will improve as you develop better studying strategies and learn from your mistakes. Try to keep a balanced lifestyle -- eat healthfully, get 30 min. of exercise everyday, get enough sleep. You'll be surprised by how much better you'll feel emotionally and physically afterward, and it will help you better tackle school and your family life.

Your parents probably want the best for you, but it may not come across as that way. Stand your ground and tell them how you feel in a mature way. Don't lose your temper with them. If McGill is your dream school, go for it!

For med school, you should study whatever interests you the most. Your grades will reflect how much passion and enthusiasm you have for a subject. Just make sure you have the prereqs for med school (typically first- and some second-year science courses will cover that).
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A photo of adv4ntag3 adv4ntag3
dont stress out so much...first of all, ur parents are trying to push u to do better..ive been through it..dont let it worry u too much, they still love you
second of all, ur perspectives might change over the next two years..i thought i wanted to be a doctor for sure, but now i'm going into engineering and possibly applying to med school later..
third, ubc,uoft,mcgill r all good schools, all top in canada...so meh, doesnt matter which one u go to, each come with their pros and cons...i suggest u do more research for urself into this as well
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A photo of superstar2011 superstar2011
Truth be told your marks are much better than a lot of the others who are stressing about them, and are good enough for most life science programs. Doing quite poorly in grade 10 isn't the end of the world, either. And having higher grades in grade 12 than in grade 10 isn't unheard of, but actually fairly common. You should politely ask your parents to encourage you and help you rather than just setting high expectations. Tell them you know they want the best for you and are pushing you to do better, and what you want from them is support and praise for the hard work you do. You have it in you. You just need your parents on your side, cheering for you and motivating you to do your very best. I know how much it sucks to try to please your parents and never feel like they are pleased. You need to let them know.
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