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Requirements for Honours Kinesiology 1 at McMaster and Biomed at Western

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According to this site..the cutoff is supposed to be 85-87, is this accurate

I have switched to this program because from life sci at mac for this reason...

Although the cutoff for life sci at mac is anticipated to be 83-86, as stated on the same site, the admissions office has stated that the current cutoff is 89, and is not likely to change because the of the high marks being presented by applicants. Thus, the admission average will definitely not descend beyond 88, which also happens to be similar to last year.

Also, what is the admission requirement for Western Biomed.

My current average is 85.5.

Eng. 75
Two History Credits: Both 90
Adv Func. 89
Data Management 89
Biology 80
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Hello, Mac Kinesiology 1 and Western Biomed are my first choices as well :)
I was also confused about the cutoff for Kinesiology so I e-mailed Mac the other day. They said the cutoff is in the 88% range so only applicants with 88% averages are receiving offers at this time. This average may be lowered once second semester mid-term marks are forwarded, likely by 1-2% at the most.
You'll probably be put in the waiting list in this case and you might get an offer in May.

The cutoff for Western Biomed was 85.5% last year so you're right on the dot.
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I also noticed the discrepancy as to what the cutoffs are. I think i may be able to get the average to 86..hopefully i get in then
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