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Requirements for Schulich?

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I want to apply to Schulich. Can somebody tell me what they ask in terms of application and supplimentry additionals. It is much appreciated! Thank you.

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I'll assume you're applying from Ontario.
In terms of marks and courses, you'll need a low 90s average to be competitive. I found this too:

Ontario applicants must present a minimum of six 4U and M courses including:

MHF 4U; and
MCV4U or MDM4U (MCV4U is the recommended choice).
A minimum of 70% in MHF 4U and ENG 4U
No more than two 4M courses

Other than applying on OUAC, you also need to complete the supplementary application found here:http://www.schulich.yorku.ca/client/schulich/Schulich_LP4W_LND_WebStation.nsf/resources/BBA+iBBA+Supplementary+Information+Form/$file/SupplementaryInformationForm.pdf

In the application, there is a section where you need to list all the extracurricular activities you've participated in for the past two years, along with the number of hours per year you spent on them.

You also need to attach two reference letters along with the application that substantiate two of the activities you mentioned in your activity report.

Finally, there are three short essay questions (you can see them for yourself by clicking that link).
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