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Residence Fees and Meal Plans at the University of King's College

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I recently got my acceptance from the University of King's College (the one in Halifax), and I was wondering if anyone here had any advice regarding room and board.

I do intend to stay in residence during my first year, and I am set on going to King's, but I'm not sure about sending in my residence deposit (400$) so early on. They claim that they can't guarantee residence spots for every first year- should I just give in and accept right away? Are there any downsides to accepting this early (aside from loosing the acceptance deposit)? Are there any particular dorms that I should go for, or stay away from?

Also, which meal plan should I go for? I've heard that the food is pretty bad, but the package that they sent me claims that they're re-doing their caf services...should I go for the smallest meal plan and plan on eating off-campus fairly often?


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A photo of Lifeguard Lifeguard
Congrats! Kings is a great school. My best friend goes there and I had the chance to visit her a few months ago. If you know you want to go then, then deffinatly accept now. The school is small and they don't have a lot of space. My friend ran into some trouble and almost didn't have a room. I'm not sure about the food, since I never ate there myself, although she did say it could get boring. They do have a lot of vegetarian/vegan options though. King's has a really great enviroment and the academics are fab. I'm sure you'll have a great time!
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