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A photo of Bossofbosses Bossofbosses
I know this is kind of off-topic, but some one told me that the higher the average you have, the better rooms you will get. Is this true for the Universities I applied?
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A photo of mauds mauds
Queens is by a lottery system. You rank the different room styles (single w/ shared bathroom, single, double, etc) and your marks do have not influence the lottery.
As for the other ones, no idea.
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A photo of g93 g93
Some guarantee choice of residence if you are above 90 or something (Laurier maybe does it?). I guess it is by school so some of the others may do it, although Queen's and Waterloo would have fairly high entrance average across all programs.

I'm not staying on rez, so not 100% sure.
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A photo of North North
Laurier guarantees you the style of your choice if your May (midterm) average is 90%+
It doesn't guarantee you which building though.

Waterloo is strictly a lottery. Grades have no impact.
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