yconic - residency at Fanshawe in London.
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residency at Fanshawe in London.

A photo of shelbyy21 shelbyy21
who's going to go into the res at fanshawe & who's planning on living off campus.
i havent decided yet.
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A photo of stacey555 stacey555
If you're from London you'll probably know how nuts it gets on campus and in some places off campus (Fleming Dr.). I guess you would have to consider what type of environment you want to be in.
I`m not going to Fanshawe, but my brother does and I`m from London.
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A photo of jessganci jessganci
I got accepted today for sept 2011
If i go im more than likely staying on rez
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A photo of cierrasmyth cierrasmyth
I think the best thing to do would be apply to rez cause your not 100% sure that you'll get in! That way if you don't get in then theres no other option ! :p
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A photo of cosstickxx cosstickxx
Res really isn't roudy as it's made out to be. This year it isn't at least. My RA said it's gotten a lot more calm than in past years because they've had to strap down on security and rules.
I'm at fanshwae in the collab nursing program, in case you're wondering why I'm talking about fanshawe res.
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A photo of linds92 linds92
I'll be going to Fanshawe in Sept. and I'll be staying in res :-)
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