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RESP Question - releasing funds

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So I'll be attending Schulich in sept, and my enrolment appointment is tomorrow. The thing is, I live nowhere close to the GTA and 9:30AM is just pushing it. The only reason why I'm going is because my mom insists on getting the RESP signed so funds can be released (honestly don't know much about this).

However, I found this link: http://www.registrar.yorku.ca/program/letters/index.htm?tab=1

If I'm reading this correctly, it basically means that I can do my enrolment appointment through email (which is offered by York), pay the $450 deposit, and obtain a letter online as proof of enrolment to have my RESP funds released WITHOUT having anybody signing anything.

If this is correct then I might just do the enrolment process online, but I'm honestly not sure and was wondering if anyone can confirm this?
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