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Right now i'm taking english 12 in summer school, however due to my strict teacher, i'm only getting an 81% (before provincial)and it's too late to drop out now. I'm planning on going into sciences at UofT, Waterloo,Mac or UBC. Considering my mark, it can potentially bring down my overall average :S Soo.. should I retake it this course? and if I do, is it better to do it online ? or during school ? OR should i take a chance and try AP english and hopefully get a better mark ? I know different universities have specific policies for redo-ing courses, as some may only look at your first attempt and others take the higher mark. I'm attempting to aim for a 91% average for my grade 12 year. Does anyone know what overall average is needed for entering science ?

Next year courses are:
Semester 1

Chemistry 12
French 12
Accounting 12
Math 12

Semester 2
Biology 12
AP Calculus
Economics 12
English 12 (which i am taking in summer school, but will potentially redo)

At this moment I have no spares, and my timetable is pretty loaded :S
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A photo of threepointonefour threepointonefour
Personally, I think spares in highschool are overrated. I know I didn't use mine for studying. So see how things go for English this summer (and if you can still register after first semester you could even wait after that too.) I would suggest taking it at school, because regardless of who your teacher is, in English it's very important to be able to talk to them to see what it is they are looking for. If you get a bad mark on an essay, don't go begging for grades- ask what you can do better next time.
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