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Rez at UWO!

A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
I got accepted to UWO in February and now am deciding on which rez to stay in. I do live in london already but want the rez experience that i'd get if i was to move away. Can anyone give me their opinion on which rez is the best one. I know saugeen is known as the zoo but is it really that bad?
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A photo of immaculatedx immaculatedx
You should take into consideration if you want suite style residence or traditional style
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A photo of TheLaw TheLaw
saugeen is not a zoo, i've been there many times, but that doesnt mean it's not very lively.
people usually get closer to each other in traditional comparing to suit style.
I lived at medsyd and i loved it :))
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A photo of Emaad13 Emaad13
My preference would be Traditional because it is easier to meet people and yes, the zoo is quite exaggerated. It is a nice place to party, but it isn't as crazy as everyone says it is.

Saugeen would be my preference, and then MedSyd, and THEN Elgin Hall (even though it is Suite) because I think it is the best suite style residence at UWO.
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A photo of beyondsection17 beyondsection17
1. Saugeen or MedSyd
2. The other Traditional residences (Deli, Perth)
3. Everywhere else.

Trust me, I lived in Saugeen, and the reputation is way exaggerated. I loved the Zoo!
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