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Richard Ivey AEO from Quebec

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How's it going everyone, I just had a couple questions about Richard Ivey AEO acceptance. So I'm currently in Grade 10, have around 92% average with sub-par ECs (math competition for our school, student council member, part of annual 2 week humanitarian trip) Since in Quebec we have these 2 years of CEGEP in between Grade 11 and University which offer a much bigger variety of ECs so I'm going to get way more ECs in my last 2 years before applying.

Would me doing the majority of my ECs in my final 2 years make me a worse candidate?

How do they calculate your average? I got a 92% overall but I heard some people say they only look at your top 6 courses.

Do they look at your math specifically since that's currently my worst mark (B- first semester). Other grades are 3 A+, 2 A, 2 B+ and expected to raise my second semester.

 How do they see your ECs? Do your schools send them a transcript of your semesters or do you just mention them in your essays?

Finally, since we only have Grade 10/11+2 years of pre-university. Which year do they look at mostly? Universities in Quebec don't even glance at your HS marks so I was wondering if it was the same case for schools elsewhere?

Sorry if these questions specific or ignorant, I just wanna get a feel for how hard getting AEO is. Also, I don't expect one person to know have an answer to all of these questions.
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