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Richard Ivey HBA transfer from Queen's Arts

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Hi Everybody,
Im a second year History/Politics student at Queen's and I think I want to make the switch to business.

My preferred program in Canada would be Ivey HBA since it's a third year entry program which perfectly suits my transfer situation. Also,its really tailored around what I want to learn: leadership essentials, communication skills, and innovation through the case study program.

However, I really don't like Western all that much(a true Queen's student lol) and I am not sure the social adjustment and packing up and moving will be worth the switch. I have also heard people saying that the Ivey HBA program is over-valued, and doesn't give the same education and competitive edge that I'm assuming it does. Not to mention the $20 grand a year tuition

The other options are:
A)Try and get into Queen's Commerce. This isn't very practical considering that only 4 out of 300 transfer applicants get accepted( I may as well apply to Wharton), and I have good grades and resume but not THAT good. Plus I prefer the program structure at Ivey and transferring in 3rd year to a 4 year program is a tough to do.

B) Stay at Queen's Arts. I enjoy my programs but I don't really hold them in as much value as I did when I came in. However, I really love Queen's and the scene down here. I don't think my heart will be at Western. If I go down this path, I will probably end up going to law school or an MBA. Or Gasp, what I'm really dreading: risk entering the work world with a non-competitive degree.

Essentially what I'm asking is: Is enrolling in the Ivey HBA program worth the costs and risks of transferring from Queen's Arts? My career goals are to start off in consulting and move forward into a foreign service or political career. However, this may be achievable with a B.A from Queen's

Sorry in advance if my question seems jumbled, I am just trying to assess my options and my future.
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There are many Commerce (COMM) courses available exclusively to Arts & Science (or non-commerce) students at the Queen's School of Business. If you are interested in pursuing your arts degree, you could be taking many business electives in accounting, marketing and finance and minor in business.

A great way to boost your chances of getting accepted is by demonstrating you have a genuine interest in business. Join business clubs, attend conferences to get a feel for what the business world looks like.
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