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Right laptop for Computer Science ? ?

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I'm going to U of T for Computer science and i'm going to be buying a new laptop. I'm looking for advice and tips on what i should be looking for, preferably from people in a computer science program. I would like it to have the power to last for the 4 years in uni My questions are :

1. Is a macbook pro good enough ? or would i need to use windows ?

2. What screen size should i get ? i don't want a 15" i want either 13 or 14, unless having a 15 inch screen is greatly recommended. what do you guys think ?

3. Really looking for portability and battery life too. What laptops do the job ?

4. How much ram do i need and what processor do i need ? is there even heavy duty work in computer science that requires a powerful processor ?

I won't be using my laptop for gaming, not interested in that. maybe that helps.

I'm leaning towards a macbook pro because now they are pretty powerful, and i like how they integrate everything into their os and make it work easily and seamlessly. I have windows 7 now and it works awesome but i just need a change unless windows os is mandatory for computer science.
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Linux...seriously. Get to know it now. You should be at least familiar with it if you're going into any computer science or engineering program. A lot of servers and databases and stuff like that run off of it. So that makes the windows vs mac thing moot, and you just need to decide on hardware.
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