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Rotman Commerce Acceptances

A photo of boogaloo11 boogaloo11
Has anyone been accepted into the program so far? FAQs say early acceptances start in February, so i'm just curious. My top 6 courses from grade 11 are
98 - physics
98 - advanced functions
97 - english
97 - chemistry
95 - computer studies
93 - peer tutoring
I don't know my marks from 1st semester grade 12. And I admit that my supplementary essay wasn't great, since I deviated from the question a little to include my ECs. :D
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A photo of erudite erudite
You have a course called peer tutoring? And it's your lowest mark?
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A photo of boogaloo11 boogaloo11
lowest out of the top 6... terrible isn't it? I got another 93 in religion (mandatory) if that satisfies you -___-
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