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Rotman Commerce and Schulich BBA admission chances?

A photo of hwchoi hwchoi
I've looked through several threads regarding both programs, and the information I found was mixed, so I thought I could get a better answer by describing my situation specifically.

The admission averages, with pre-requisites, that I estimate I will have, are 91 for Rotman and 90 for Schulich.

As for extracurriculars, I put emphasis on my involvement in DECA and my school's newspaper as an editor. For Rotman, there was no activity report, and the essay question I chose was "What extracurricular skills and experience will you bring to Rotman Commerce?" so I mentioned and focused on what I got out of only three of my activities. For Schulich, my activity report consists of 9 things, for a total of about 600 hours. I also assume my answers for the three questions are fairly well-written.

Given this information, what do you think of my odds for admission?
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A photo of Serendipity Serendipity
Surprised Schulich hasn't given you the nod yet. People with lower averages/less ECs have gotten in already.

I'd say you should easily get UT commerce.
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A photo of CityBoy CityBoy
^ Wth you talking about, no one below 91.0 has gotten accepted to Schulich yet. The people that had low 90s avg of 91, 92.. had really good supp apps because there are people with higher avgs that haven't gotten in.

I would say Schulich is a bit iffy, because you're on borderline 90.. but your supplementary might just get you through.

Rotman for sure.
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A photo of Serendipity Serendipity
I know a guy who's gotten in with a sub 90 average.

It may be because we're from Alberta and I think York has a mark modifier for Alberta marks.
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