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Rotman Commerce Pre-Req and Acceptances

A photo of jtsai jtsai

I hear that Rotman Commerce will not consider your application if your English and Calculus mark is below 85. Is that true?

I've been hearing rumours, however, i contacted Rotman, and they said that they will still consider you. I am a bit confused.

My overall average is a 89.5, while i have a 83 in English, and a 92 in Calculus.

Can someone please clarify this for me?

If i won't get accepted into Rotman Commerce, I am considering switching to humantities at the University of Toronto, and attempt to reapply to the Rotman Commerce Program next year.

How hard is it to apply to Rotman Commerce as a transfer student? I hear that you need a 3.7 GPA at the very least. Is there anything else???

Also, if anyone got accepted, can you please post your English and Calculus marks please??

Thanks! All help is greatly appreciated!
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A photo of idylle10 idylle10
Not sure about what's "official" but from last year's results, you should have an English mark of at least 85. Your calc mark looks fine. I'm not quite sure though, I just know Rotman is so picky about Calc and Eng.
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A photo of vjkid vjkid
I had a 95 in English and an 88 in Calculus and Vectors, and I got in.
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A photo of mwfm2011 mwfm2011
Why not just go into Laurier for BBA? :p
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A photo of Aaronfly Aaronfly
I got in Rotman with English 92% and Calculus 98%. Not sure about the requirements.
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