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Rotman Commerce References

A photo of JoeSmith JoeSmith
Is it true that Rotman calls all your references?
I volunteered at some places in grade 10 that count, however some of my supervisors no longer work there :( . Also should you ask your supervisors if you can give their contact info to Rotman.
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A photo of IanSharer IanSharer
I'm not sure if they call but it's a good idea to notify your references.
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A photo of mohammadahmad mohammadahmad

Where does it say that Rotman Commerce even wants references (I'd appreciate a link if possible). From what I gather all that they require is a personal statement. However, I have yet to get acknowledgment of my application.

Have you guys received any notification after the submission process on OUAC (if so, was it by a letter in the mail or an email)?


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A photo of ederoo ederoo
Back in my day Rotman needed an app with a list of your EC's and references, etc. Dunno if they still require that.
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