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Rotman Commerce (RSM100)

A photo of FMC FMC
The first rsm100 term test just freak me out, i studied hard but it turned out to be a poor grade.
I know I can drop economics or mat as a late withdrawal and take one of those in summer. but how about RSM100? i checked there will be no RSM100 course in summer.
What can I do if I don't get above 67 in RSM100 and I really want to stay in Rotman?
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A photo of xxMoonCakezxx xxMoonCakezxx
The AVG two years ago for this was 35%. They need to "weed" people out for their next year.
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A photo of FMC FMC
So basically there is nothing i can do but work harder to get above 67 marks in RSM100?
Sigh... that will be screwed up if I get weed out of Rotman
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
what is RSM100 like? someone told me it is a combination of mgm101h5 and mgt120h5?

i got to utm, was considering switching to rotman, but i dont want to take rsm100 in subsequent year with 200 levels.
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