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Rotman Commerce Student Going into Second Year... Got Any Qs?

A photo of JJae JJae
Hello people of StudentAwards.

I remember using this site so much for information in highschool, when I was deciding which program I wanted to go into.

Well now, I have already passed 1st year (YES MADE IT)and am now waiting for the second year to start.


I think I can be of good help, I am pretty involved in the Rotman Commerce world right now.
(I'm in RCSA, the student government, FLC, first year learning community as an assistant leader, etc.)

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A photo of dancho dancho
Do you take questions relating to admission for grade 12 students out of Ontario province?
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A photo of JumboJet JumboJet
Hi JJae.

I'm going into grade 12 next month and planning on applying to Rotman, Schulich and a few other other business programs. I'd like to specialize in accounting so I believe either Rotman or Schulich would be my best choice.

1. What did you think about your first year at Rotman? In terms of the faculty, students and difficulty of the program as a whole.

2. What stream are you specializing in?

3. Were you able to acquire any work experience over the summer this year? If so, would you mind sharing where? How difficult do you believe it will be for you to find internships or other practical work experience in the next three years?

4. Would you mind sharing your admission average (+ English and Calc/Vectors) along with a short description of your ECs? Was there anything else that you think helped you get into Rotman in regards to your application or any other special attributes?

5. Do you think there is a very big difference between the B.Com offered at UTM and Rotman? Specifically, if I am planning on specializing in accounting, I have read that UTM is good for accounting - or is that just hype from the ICAO competitions their students have won?

Apologies if you don't know much about this last question!

I appreciate you taking time to look over and help out future students! :)

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