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A photo of mistahniceguy mistahniceguy
how pleased are u guys with rotman commerce
heard its a second tier school.. this true? how difficult is it to get in the 80's?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
QC/Ivey are definitely better than Rotman in terms of recruitment in finance and consulting, but there's not that wide of a gap between them, not as much as say QC and McMasters. That being said, if one had to choose between QC or Rotman, one would choose QC, unless they're going for accounting in which case that'd be a different story because Rotman has great recruiting for accounting.

In terms of getting 80s, good luck. Getting an 80 at UofT is a difficult task in itself. The class average for the required courses in year 1 are usually ~67.
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A photo of hairykangaroo hairykangaroo
Queens vs ivey is kinda like rotman vs laurier where queens/rotman is slighty better overall, but not by much. It really depends on what you want to pursue.
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