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Rotman Profile Recieved?????

A photo of mohammadahmad mohammadahmad

I submitted my profile for Rotman Commerce, paid the $30.00 fee, and got confirmation in my email on Saturday. However, it doesn't say it received it on the Application Tracking site under "received" column. Should I be worried? How long did it take for ppl to see it say yes under the received column.

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A photo of PaperPen PaperPen
If you're really worried, you can always call them. If not, just wait. If it takes too long (2-3 days), actually call them. Maybe something went wrong; if it did, better to catch it early.
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A photo of businessgleek businessgleek
Don't worry.
I completed my profile in early December and it never showed RECEIVED on the Application Tracking site.
I just logged in today & noticed that it said received on January 10th.
I found it a little weird, but as long as you got an email confirmation all should be well.
Hope this helps :colors:
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