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Rotman, Schulich & Ted Rogers School of Management?

A photo of KingJW KingJW
My school is non semestered (termed) so I get 3 report cards a year.
We received our first on Dec. 9.
Applied to: Rotman Commerce, Schulich & Ted Rogers School of Management.

Accounting: 98
Advance Fun.:80
English: 83
Biology: 83
Calculus: 72
Law: 88.
Avg: 84%

Updated so far.
Accounting: 94
Advance Fun.: 82
English: 86
Biology: 86
Calculus: 80
Law: 88
Avg: 86

TSA (non-profit) Coordinator
TSA Basketball Camp Volunteer: 25 Hours
Breakfast Club: 25 Hours
Lunch Room Dishwashing: 25 Hours
Peer Leader
Miscellaneous Hours: 2 hours.
Church Bookkeeper
Boys Basketball Team: 2008-09

I will get my average up and more EC's, but my how are my chances of gettting accepted into each school program?

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A photo of Augustus1 Augustus1

I am unqualified to give you an opinion on your chances, but I had a question for you since you also go to a non-semestered school - do you know when universities see our first set of grade 12 marks? Do the grades we got this month at the end of term 1 get sent or is it a later date? I'm assuming it would be the same for us (if you're in Ontario).

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A photo of KingJW KingJW
My schools sends mark updates on Feb.2, but 2nd report card comes out later on between Late Feb - Late March.
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A photo of ilikeyork ilikeyork
Realistically, I don't think the marks are higher enough for Rotman/Schulich (dont know about the other 1)
Try to pull up your mark and get 88-90% then i think u have a shot at Rotman. Schulich needs 90+
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A photo of KingJW KingJW
I'm gonna get my marks up, so dont worry. I'm too determined to let my average go down.
as for my EC's? how are they? And will schulich accept someone with 89-90% average. I know its a 90 min. but is there any circumstance theyll go below min? but i heard they usually accept people with 91%+
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