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A photo of Happy123 Happy123
How hard is it to get a good GPA in rotman compared to other universities? Also, would UTM Commerce be easier than Rotman? and one more question, if I choose to go to Rotman would it be easy to transfer to UTM and vice versa. Thank you...
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A photo of Happy123 Happy123
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A photo of businessgleek businessgleek
I've heard people say that Rotman is harder.
But I would also assume so because it is more competitive to get into to & you have to maintain a certain average for second year to get in.
I cannot be certain though;
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A photo of JoeSmith JoeSmith
When is the personal statement due? Also is it true that if you hand it in before a certain date, there is a chance of getting a scholarship or something?
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A photo of LampShade LampShade
Depends how good you are. Rotman curves all of its management classes at a 67% I believe. McGill is a 70% (a bit higher) while Ivey is an 84%. Queen's I am not too sure. So if you are able to do better then most of your peers, then getting a high GPA should be very plausible :). If not, then it might be tough....
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