yconic - Rotman/coop management personal statement?/ college ranking for St.George campus?
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Rotman/coop management personal statement?/ college ranking for St.George campus?

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I just applied to Rotman/co-op management through OUAC yesterday and i want to start my personal statements . Will i be getting my application numbers shortly since i just applied? ( and when is the form due for co-op management?)

On OUAC they ask u to rank the colleges in order by preference but i have no idea which ones are better, can anyone give my some suggestions? thx
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A photo of w18 w18
1. OUAC will take a day to process your application then it could be a couple of days to a week before they send supplementary applications to you. For me, it was around a week. :)

2. I was stuck between Trinity and Victoria. In the end I picked Victoria because though Trinity is prestigious, I heard less scholarships are available (I really need them) and I'm going to live in rez but they don't have air conditioning according to the housing guide available on the UofT website. Both Trinity and Victoria only consider you if you rank them as number one so my first choice was Victoria and my second was Woodsworth (for Rotman's)
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