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Ryerson Acceptence help ASAP!!!!!!!

A photo of Sandhar Sandhar
Hi there, I have a question regarding Ted Rogers school of management. The question is, how competitive is it to get in? My goal is a 85% average in my top 6 but, my English mark is a 67%! I believe I can get a 87% but will my English mark not allow me for acceptance? I am hoping to go into the retail management program.
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A photo of Joshki Joshki
As far as I can remember, high 70s to low 80s would be competitive for ryerson.
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A photo of nehalkazim nehalkazim
I'm a fourth year Business Management student at the Ted Rogers School of Management. When I got in, I had an 85% average overall with a 70% or so in English. In terms of the competition to get in, it is increasing year over year. Last year, there were 7 applicants for every spot (considering we all apply for more than one school, have a preference over a school we want to pursue, etc.).

With my average, I thought I was going to get an an entrance scholarship of the $500. I wasn't awarded the scholarship because the entrance average was 85.5%!

I wonder if it has changed recently. I know Retail Management is less competitive than Business Management, at least from what I hear.

Bottom line: you should be ok with an 85% average. What is your average for this semester so far?

Anyone here in Retail at Ryerson?
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A photo of Anonymous Anonymous
You need at least and 80 to remain competitive and at least a 70 in both english and a math course. My friend was in the same situation as you last year, and his acceptance was revoked because his english mark was 69 and not 70.
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