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I realize that alot of people are still waiting on Carleton, but to those of you planning on going to Ryerson for architecture, class of 2015, join this facebook group ;D Anything can be discussed in this group, and you're questions might be answered by fellow future classmates :) http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_142421985830923
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Hi quick question, do you know if Ryerson is done sending out acceptances, i still haven't heard anything back from them :(, "admissions for this program is still under review" apparently...I dont think its like Waterloo where its a definate yes, no or wait list. i know some people have even received emails from them saying to seriously consider accepting an offer and those people haven't received an official offer from them yet either. If you know anything about this that'd be great. Congrats on the acceptance btw :)
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I don't think so! I think they'll send out their next round early May. And that means you still have hope :) Those emails that people have been talking about are seriously confusing.. They should just tell you straight up instead of that . The Choose Ryerson website will update first, and then OUAC, and then an email telling you that there's a new document in your portal.

Thanks! Hope you get in! join the group if you do.
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