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A photo of dangior dangior
Congratulations on your Conditional Offer of Admission. View letter in My Documents below (available within two business days).

Just got a conditional offer from Ryerson, although I havent recived the letter for what the conditions entail yet. I already finished high school with an 83.5 average, so right now Im just taking a Data course through the ILC for my math credit. I'm guessing this means I'm accepted?

Also, it says this on my status:

Offer Confirmation Deadline Date: 31-MAR-11

What does that mean? Shouldnt that be sometime in July or something? Seems a little soon to me.

Anyone else been accepted there yet either?
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A photo of Haru Haru
dw that's definitely a typo.
mine says Offer Confirmation Deadline Date: 02-JUN-11
and i'm pretty sure june 2 is for ALL universities
if you're worried, call them to double check
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A photo of baller25 baller25
Hey, Just out of curiosity, When exactly were you told you were accepted to the program? Its because I applied to engineering at Ryerson, and I feel like I've been waiting for soooooooo long for an offer of ad:bounce: mission.
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A photo of Haru Haru
it might just be because you applied for engineering. they look at each program differently. for me, i got mine around mid-late january (i think). no worries, a few of my friends also applied to engineering at ryerson and haven't received any notice from them yet.
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A photo of dangior dangior
Ryerson is weird when it comes to accepting people. You just gotta wait it out.

I received acceptance on March 11th, and I know a few others who did aswell. Not sure when the next round of offers goes out though. And what it said was exactly what I put in my first post.

I'm nervous about the conditional offer being revoked since I need at least a 75% in Data Management to keep my offer standing. I suck at math. Oh well.
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A photo of dangior dangior
Your confirmation of acceptance of our Conditional Offer has been received. Please be sure to meet the conditions as outlined in your Offer of Admission (view your letter in My Documents below). Thank you!

Stress free in regards to acceptance for B.Comm at Ryerson! Now I just have to meet my conditional offer of 75% in Data Management until July 15, 2011. Got some time.

Anyone complete Data Management through ILC before?
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